Tom Stipe
Living Large (w/Liz Miller)
Living Large

You might say I've had my Amen moment
Wrapped up in a pink slip epiphany
Looking back I realize, that blood and sweat and sacrifice
Just made me a number in some company

I'm not the guy you kissed goodbye this morning
The guy who thought he paid his dues is gone
Took me being downsized, to open up my eyes
From now on

I'm not living to work, I'm working to live
I'm makin love number one on my things -to-do list
Makin up for lost time
I've got places to see and the road's open wide
Tradin' makin a living for makin a life
I got a brand new plan and I' m the man in charge
It's time for dreaming big, loving strong,
and living large

Let's drive into the sunrise at the canyon
Watch an everyday miracle light the way
Gotta start somewhere, might as well be there
Coz as of this day

Repeat Chorus

All those things that money buys
Just chain you to a compromise
I'm free..

I'm not livin to work, I'm workin to live...
And I'm livin large, I'm livin large, I'm livin large...

Tom Stipe/Liz Miller
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Lyrics Credits: Tom Stipe/Liz Miller
Music Credits: Liz Miller
Producer Credits: Chip Martin
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Ron Wallace
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Sort of a new (and uplifting) take on take this job and shove it
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 4:00
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal