Tom Stipe

Southwest in New Mexico
A young girl heard she had eight months to go
She said ?Doctor, I can?t have a baby now?
The daddy?s been a long time gone
And I am barely holdin on
I?m on my own- and I just don?t see how

And the Doctor said- I know a place
And through the tears that stung her face?
She saw the church doors open wide?
Like open arms
She sat inside?

She said
I pray -that you?re listening today
I give this up and lift this up to you
I pray- that you help me find my way
I?m prayin- that you tell me what to do
I pray, I pray?

Northeast in Buffalo
A couple heard gathered round the phone..
The Doctor said ?you can?t have a baby now?
Such a long time they?d been tryin
They just held each other cryin
And laid the book of baby names face down..
Looking for amazing grace?the
kitchen floor became the place
Where on their knees with folded hands
They asked again for one more chance..

They said
We pray ?that you?re listening today
We give this up and lift this up to you
We pray- you help us find a way
We prayin - you tell us what to do

I pray?

I pray..

Southwest in New Mexico
A girl met a couple from Buffalo
And together, they had a baby late last night
And ain?t it just like GOD
To make two wrongs a right
Pray, pray, just pray?.

Copyright Tom Stipe/Liz Miller 2006

Lyrics Credits: Tom Stipe/Liz Miller
Music Credits: liz Miller
Producer Credits: chip Martin
Publisher Credits: Rex Benson
Performance Credits: Natalie Howard
Short Song Description:
Revised version... an adoption story inspired by my beautiful adopted daughter!
Song Length: 3:30
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-Religious
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal