Tom Stipe
Sometimes God Says Wait (w/Liz Miller)
Sometimes GOD Says Wait

He was the pride of Riverside High
Standin? at home plate with his bat held tight
He was the one that the scouts in the bleachers were comin? to see
Determination filled his face
He was picturing his name in the trophy case
When the crowd fell hush as the umpire called strike three

Outside of the locker room shower
In what he thought was his darkest hour
Coach said the man upstairs
Answers every prayer

He said-Sometimes God says yes
And miracles come true
Sometimes He says no
Coz He?s got bigger plans for you
All things in due time
You might think he?s late
Coz sometimes God says wait
God says wait

The ole pride of riverside high
Took another team to the title last night
He was the coach of the year for the third year in a row
That winning look on each boys face
Meant more than just his name in that trophy case
The difference that he made paid him back a hundred fold

Outside that same ole locker room shower
In another thankful hour
He the man upstairs..
Answers every prayer? ?

Repeat chorus

It?s only looking back that lets you see
Your life is everything it was meant to be

Tom Stipe/Liz Miller
Lyrics Credits: Tom Stipe/Liz Miller
Music Credits: Liz Miller
Producer Credits: Chip Martin
Performance Credits: Ron Wallace
Short Song Description:
God has a plan for all of us...
Song Length: 3:40
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-Religious